Letterpress & Foiling


We have been using the same letterpress machine for over 100 years and the results are always the same, simply stunning!

Ask our lovely staff how we can help you achieve your dream letterpress (or foiled) invitations. 



 Letterpress is a printing method that goes back 500 years. It uses a moulded metal plate with raised typography. The plate is inked and pressed onto paper, making the type stand out from the paper’s surface.

While we haven’t been doing it for 500 years, we do have a vintage letterpress machine that’s been on site since 1893. We’ve been using this method for over a century and our letterpress printers are genuine craftspeople.

Letterpress is being rediscovered by a new generation of artists and designers who have fallen in love with its beautiful effects.

Why Letterpress?

 If you love traditional elegance, hand-made quality or vintage style, then letterpress is for you. It’s an artisan method for people who love hand-made quality. You could think of it as the tailor-made suit of printing.

At The Stationery Boutique, we use high quality papers that bring out the best of letterpress.  Contact us today about how we can help you letterpress your invitations!

Hot Foil Stamping

 Is the process known as hot foil stamping, where heat is used to transfer metallic foil to a
solid surface.
In our case, that surface is your invitations!

Traditionally hot foil stamping is done in gold or silver, however the trendy rose gold foil is a new favourite amongst the brides.

Talk to us today about how we can help you achieve your dream foiled invitations!



For a truly unique expression

Vintage Letterpress & Foiling by The Stationery Boutique is your answer.

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